Branch of Mangystau region


Branch of RSE "Kazhydromet" in the Mangystau region (hereinafter-the Branch).

The full-time number of the Branch is 102 units.
The total number of the observation network on the territory of the Mangystau region is 27 meteorological, agrometeorological, hydrometeorological and environmental stations and posts, including:
* Traditional hydrometeorological stations – 3 units;
* Traditional meteorological stations – 4 units, of which 3 are additionally conducted agrometeorological observations;
* Automatic weather stations – 9 units;
* Marine hydrological posts – 4 units;
* Automatic monitoring posts for the state of the environment and air quality – 5 units;
* Stationary monitoring post (manual) for the state of the environment and air quality – 2 units.

Branch Activities

The main activity of the Branch is to ensure the monitoring of the state of the environment, meteorological, agrometeorological and hydrological monitoring using the state observation network.

The main tasks of the Branch

* Ensuring and organizing the work of the continuous production activities of the observation network.
* Providing, on a contractual basis, state bodies and other interested persons with hydrometeorological information, as well as information on the state of the environment, actual and expected changes in hydrometeorological conditions, the state of the climate and its changes, the state of environmental pollution.
* Maintaining a fund of data obtained as a result of monitoring the state of the environment, meteorological and hydrological monitoring.
The Meteorological Observation Network daily conducts 8 urgent observations of air temperature, soil temperature, wind direction and speed, the type and duration of atmospheric phenomena, the type and number of clouds in points, the amount of precipitation, and monitoring of atmospheric pressure.