Branch of Mangystau region


Brief history of the first meteorological observations in the Mangistau region

The first observations on the territory of the Mangystau region began in 1848 at the hydrometeorological station Fort Shevchenko. The hydrometeorological observation points of the Mangistau branch include 13 meteorological stations, including 3 marine stations, 2 automatic stations,and 3 additional agrometeorological observations.

The network of marine observation points consists of 4 marine hydrological posts. Marine hydrological posts conduct coastal monitoring of the state of the Caspian sea.

International exchange consists of such plants as have Akkuduk MS, MS Itself, the HMS Fort-Shevchenko.

The environmental laboratory of the SEZ "Aktau seaport" monitors the environment by atmospheric air, soil, bottom sediments and radiation background.

Monitoring of the state of the environment and air quality is carried out at 7 fixed posts.