Branch of Turkestan region


Brief history of the first meteorological observations in the Turkestan region

The very first weather station was opened in the South Kazakhstan region in 1882 in the city of Turkestan.

In 1996, due to economic difficulties and the relocation of the AMSG to a new location, the Turkestan weather station was closed. The station was reopened in 1999 on the territory of the YASSY cotton plant. The transfer to a new location at the city of Turkestan, Bekzat microdistrict was carried out in 2010 and is still valid.

The Tasaryk weather station – 1906-is one of the first open weather stations.

In the branch of RSE "Kazhydromet" in the Turkestan region, there are 14 meteorological stations that conduct round-the-clock monitoring of the weather, 6 automatic meteorological stations, 4 environmental automatic posts and 4 stationary posts for monitoring atmospheric air pollution, 27 hydrological posts, 5 agrometeorological posts and 3 snow measuring routes.

Of the 14 weather stations, there are 5 international exchange stations: Achisay, Shardara, T. Ryskulova, Turkestan, Shymkent, which additionally monitor the duration of the sunshine, the temperature and humidity of the air using recorders, the soil temperature at different depths in the exposed area and under the natural cover.

Two hard-to-reach stations operate on the network of the RSE "Kazhydromet" Branch in the Turkestan region: the weather station Shuuldak and Kyzylkum. The Shuuldak high-altitude weather station is located in the mountains of the West Tianshan mountain region, its height is 1947 m above sea level. The Kyzylkum desert weather station is located in the North-Eastern part of the Kyzylkum desert.

Large differences in physical and geographical conditions in our region are the reason for the heterogeneity of agro-climatic conditions that affect the production and conduct of agricultural work. There are a lot of different crops growing in the region: winter and spring cereals, corn, rice, cotton, perennial grasses, fruit, vegetable, melons and pasture vegetation.

Agrometeorological observations in the Turkestan region were the first to be conducted since 1935. on MS turara Ryskulova (formerly MS Tulkubass), since 1936 on MS Shymkent (MS Chimkent) and Tasaryk (MS Blinkovo), since 1940. on MS Kazygurt (Lenin) on the other meteorological stations from the years 1942-1952

To date, the Branch of RSE "Kazhydromet" in the Turkestan region carries out agrometeorological monitoring at 7 weather stations and 5 agrometposts (12 points in total), including 6 MS AND 5 AMP with the determination of soil moisture reserves. Observations are made every decade in the fields with the observed crops, during the entire vegetation period.