Predictive hydrometeorological information:

- short-term weather forecasts (temperature and wind conditions, precipitation, atmospheric phenomena, cloud cover);

- marine weather forecast (wind speed and direction, swell and period of swell);

- storm warnings for OYA, ohss and RIP;

- forecast of weather conditions for the day that contribute to air pollution (NMU);

- specialized forecasts for contract territories.

Actual hydrometeorological information (daily, monthly, annual and multi-year data):

- temperature mode (average, maximum, minimum air temperature);

- wind mode, wind direction, wind rose;

- amount, type and duration of precipitation;

- type and duration of atmospheric phenomena;

- atmospheric pressure, humidity, cloud cover;

- snow cover and ice-frost deposits;

- soil temperature at the surface and depth.

Environmental monitoring for sampling and analysis:

- air pollution;

- selection and analysis of bottom sediments;

the quality of surface waters according to hydrochemical indicators;

- selection and analysis of soil for heavy metals;

- radioactive contamination of the natural environment;

- background concentrations of pollutants in atmospheric air and surface waters.

Hydrological monitoring:

- the level of the Caspian sea (maximum, minimum, average);

- water temperature;

- ice phenomena;

- height of sea waves, speed and direction of the sea current;

- review of the surge phenomena.