Brief overview of agrometeorological conditions

IconPublished 03.02.2023

Brief agrometeorological review for the 3rd decade of January 2023

In the third decade of January in the south and south-east of Kazakhstan in the areas of winter crops cultivation, the temperature background was below normal by 1...9C, precipitation was also below normal.
Intensive thaws that have passed for 10 days in the Turkestan region, 2-4 days in the Almaty and Zhetysu regions and for 6-7 days in the Zhambyl region may further reduce the winter hardiness of poorly developed winter wheat crops.
In the West Kazakhstan region, snow cover (8 cm) remains in the areas of winter grain crops cultivation, which has a protective effect on plants with uniform distribution on the soil surface, but low temperature on the soil surface (minus 24...26C) may lead to freezing.
The minimum soil temperature at the depth of the tillering node on winter wheat crops in the Turkestan region ranged from 0C to minus 2C, in the Almaty region it reached minus 6C and in the Zhambyl region it was within the threshold value of minus 19C.
In the areas of pastoral livestock grazing was carried out almost everywhere.
In Aitekebiy district of Aktobe region, Zhanybek district of West Kazakhstan region, Shet district of Karaganda region, Arkalyk district of Kostanay region, animals were transferred to stable keeping.
Pastures were poorly and moderately grazed. Pasture lands in the Zhambyl district of Almaty region (Aidarly station) have been severely strained.
The condition of the sod is mostly damp, frozen in some pastures.

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