About agrometeorology

Agrometeorological monitoring of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out at 219 agrometeorological points, including:

- 129 weather stations;

- 90 agrometeorological posts.

183 points conduct observations in grain-growing areas, 36-in pastures, as well as observations in rice, cotton fields, gardens, etc.

At all agrometeorological points of the state observation network, meteorological observations (air temperature, precipitation, atmospheric phenomena, as well as wind, total solar radiation, soil temperature on the surface of the soil and at depths, etc.) and observations of the growth of agricultural and pasture crops and the state of the soil are carried out.

Agrometeorological monitoring is managed by the Department of agrometeorological monitoring and forecasting, which is headed by the Director.

The Department consists of two departments:

- Management of agro-meteorological monitoring;

- Department of agrometeorological forecasting.

Management of agrometeorological monitoring performs the task of the chief of methodical Department of the state agro-meteorological network of Kazakhstan provides management and agrometeorological monitoring focuses on operational issues to ensure quality execution of the work plans of agrometeorological network in accordance with the aims and objectives of RSE "Kazgidromet".

The agrometeorological forecasting Department provides predictive and operational actual agrometeorological information to the agricultural industry.

The Department develops forecasts for:

1. forecast of moisture reserves in the soil before the start of spring field work;

2. forecast of optimal sowing times;

3. forecasts of maturation dates;

4. crop yield forecast;

5. probabilistic forecast of drought;

6. forecast of agrometeorological conditions of harvesting.

Agrometeorological products, including certificates on the actual state of agricultural crops (on the state of winter crops, the amount of effective and active temperatures, the actual reserves of productive moisture, etc.), and consultations are provided on the basis of actual data from the state observation network. In addition, the state of crops is analyzed using Remote sensing data.

Since October 2020, up-to-date agrometeorological information is published in the application for farmers "AgroData" The application is available from all devices with the Internet at the link https://agrodata.kz , and is also easily found through a search engine via agrodata or agrodata.