The source of contamination has been identified

IconPublished 17.09.2021

On the basis of the appeal of the Akimat of the Saryarkinsky district of Nur-Sultan, RSE "Kazhydromet" provides an explanation for the increased content of hydrogen sulfide in the atmospheric air in the area of school No. 40, located at the address mkr.Koktal-1, D. Babatayuly str., 24.
To find out the reasons for the increased concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the Koktal-1 area, the laboratory of Kazhydromet RSE together with the Department of Ecology of Nur-Sultan, conducted unscheduled measurements of atmospheric air quality in 6 places in the school district No. 40. The search area for the source of pollution was a radius of 5 km. During the inspection, the source of air pollution with hydrogen sulfide was established - this is a sewer point in the city treatment facilities 1.5 km from the school, where sewage disposal machines are drained. When making measurements in the area of the drain point, specialists of the Department of Ecology and Kazhydromet recorded multiple cases of excess concentrations of hydrogen sulfide up to 9 MPC. And taking into account the wind direction, hydrogen sulfide in the process of dispersion reaches the territory of school No. 40 and is recorded by the environmental monitoring post at the level of 0.5-3 MPC.

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