Caspian Sea level forecast for February 04-09, 2021

IconPublished 05.02.2021

In physical and geographical terms and by the nature of the underwater relief, the Caspian Sea can be divided into three parts: the Northern, Middle and Southern Caspian, which are separated by the Mangyshlak and Absheron-Balkhan rapids, respectively.
RSE "Kazhydromet" makes a weekly forecast of the Caspian Sea level. In the Middle Caspian Sea, sea level fluctuation is expected around minus 28.37 m with a rise to a maximum of minus 28.03 and a decline to a minimum of minus 28.80 m.
The actual state of the water surface of the Caspian Sea for the period from January 28 – February 03, 2021 corresponds to the previous weekly forecast. The visual coastline of the largest closed reservoir is shown in the satellite image for January 27, 2021. A snapshot of the NASA project.
All information on the Caspian Sea is available on the website of RSE "Kazhydromet"

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