What made January 2021 different

IconPublished 05.02.2021

The air temperature in January 2021 in most of the territory of Kazakhstan was below the climatic norm by 1-5°, near the norm - in the north-west, in some areas in the south and south-east of the republic, above the norm by 1-2° - in the western regions and in the extreme south of the republic.
December frosts still persisted in the first decade of January of the new year, but in the second and third decades in the capital at night there was an increase in the temperature background to-10-15°C, only on some days it was frosty in the range of-20-25°C, and at the end of the month the frosts completely receded, the thermometer showed -6.1°C.
For example, in the first decade of the month, with the strengthening of the Siberian anticyclone and the next portion of cold from the regions of Western Siberia on January 09 in Nur-Sultan at night, -31.3°C was recorded, but the absolute minimum of January 1893 was not blocked. -51.6°C.
By the end of the month, with the removal of warm air masses from Central Asia, warming was observed throughout Kazakhstan. In the capital, on 31 January day the thermometer stood at +3.4°C, again the absolute maximum was not blocked by (+5,0°C was observed in 1948).
January was a little snow, just to the North, East, and some parts of West, South and South-East of the Republic of rain fell near and above the norm 1.3-2.4 times. In terms of precipitation distribution, the weather was similar in 1985 and 1996, and in terms of temperature background in 1998 and 2012.

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