Advisory weather forecast for the Republic of Kazakhstan for February 2021

IconPublished 01.02.2021

According to climate data, in February, the duration of daylight hours increases by an average of 2-3 hours. In the southern regions, the average daily temperature changes from 0° C to positive values. In most parts of the republic, fog and ice are more frequent than in January. The amount of precipitation from January to February decreases, but only in the mountainous regions of Kazakhstan, on the contrary, increases.
According to the advisory forecast, an increased background of air temperature is expected in most of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the passage of Southern and Western cyclones, the removal of warm air masses from the regions of Iran. Precipitation is often expected in the southern half of the country, mainly in the form of rain, in the northern half - mixed precipitation (rain, snow). Fog, ice, wind strengthening are predicted, in the northern regions with a low-level snowstorm. Cyclones and anticyclones are expected to change frequently during February.
By the middle of the first decade, the air temperature is expected to increase in the republic:
in the west, at night up to -5+3°C, during the day up to -2+10°C;
in the north, northwest, in the center and in the east at night to 0, -10°C, in the afternoon
to -5+3°C;
in the south-west, south and south-east at night to -3+5°C, in the afternoon to +8+15°C.
At the end of the first decade, with the invasion of the anticyclone, air temperatures will drop:
in the north, east and center of Kazakhstan at night to-15-25°C, in the afternoon to-10-16°C;
in the west, north-west of the country at night to -10-18°C, during the day to-5-12°C;
in the southern regions, at night up to-7-15°C, during the day up to -5+5°C.
In the second and third decades, with the removal of warm air masses, air temperatures will again increase: in the northern half of the day to 0, -7°C, in the southern half - to +5+10°C, in the extreme south +15°C. However, a significant decrease in air temperature is also possible. When zatoky cold air masses from regions of the Taimyr Peninsula in Northern, Central and Eastern regions of the country the temperature can fall down to -20-30°C to -10-18°C in the North-Western part of the country the night before -10-18°C to -7-12°C in the southern half of Kazakhstan to night -7-12°s, sometimes up to 15-20°C to -2-13°C.
Note: the forecast for the month should be used as an advisory, which is subsequently adjusted as the synoptic situation changes and updated with weather forecasts for the decade.

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