Advisory weather forecast for Kazakhstan for November 2020

IconPublished 02.11.2020

November is the first month of the pre-winter season. From October to November, there is a significant decrease in air temperature. According to long-term data, it decreases by 7-10C in most of the territory of the Republic, and by 12-14 ° C in the extreme North-East. The average monthly air temperature remains positive only in the southern suburbs +1+6°C, and in the rest of the territory it is already negative: in the Northern regions-6-9°C, in the far East-11-14°C, in the rest of the territory 0,-5°C.
Monthly precipitation decreases in the North and in the mountainous regions of East and South-East, and the rest of the territory increases.
Precipitation (mostly snow), gusty winds with snowstorms, ice, fog are expected often during the month.
In early November, precipitation (rain, snow) is expected in the Northern half and in the center of the Republic of Kazakhstan, then in the East, and the temperature will gradually drop to-3-11°C at night, and -5+3°C during the day. Then in the second half of the first decade, the projected increase in air temperature in the night -6 to+2°C to +3+8°C, at the end of the decade is expected to decrease in air temperature at night to-5-13°C during the day to 0,-8°C.
In the West and South-West of the country, rain is expected and the daytime temperature will rise to +13 + 22°C. Precipitation (rain, snow) and a decrease in air temperature is expected at the end of the first decade at night to -5-10°C, in the South-West to -3°C, in the afternoon to -3+5°C.
In the South and South-East of the Republic, precipitation is expected at the end of the first and second half of the decade. In the first half of the first decade the air warms in the afternoon to +10+18°C, in the middle and the end of the decade it is expected the temperature drop at night to -5+3, in the South-East to -10°C to +3+10°C in the mountain areas of Almaty oblast to 0°C.
The coldest days in the Northern half of the Republic are predicted at the end of the second and third decades, the thermometer will drop at night to-10-20°C, in the far North to-22-27°C, in the afternoon to-5-18°C. In the southern half of the country, a significant decrease is also expected in the third decade - at night the air temperature will drop to-5-12°C, in the afternoon to-1+5°C. The warmest days are expected in the middle of the first decade, the air temperature will reach +5+12°C, and in the South of the country at the end of the first decade - +12+20°C.
During the month, a frequent change of warm and frosty days is expected, especially in the Northern half of the country.
Thus, the air temperature in most of Kazakhstan is expected to be about normal, in the North-Western half of the country – above normal by 1°C, in the mountainous and foothill regions of the South, South-East and East-below normal by 1°C.
November is expected to be precipitation, only in the South-Western half of the Republic the amount of precipitation is predicted to be less than normal.
In November, the snow cover appears and sets. According to long-term data, the average date of snow cover establishment is:
in the Northern and Eastern regions - at the end of the first decade and mid-November,
in the Central part of Kazakhstan - in the second half of November,
in the West and South-East of the country-at the end of November and the first half of December,
in the South and South-West of the Republic even later - in the third decade of December.

Note:the forecast for the month should be used as an Advisory, which is later updated with weather forecasts for the week.

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