An overview of the features of the climate in Kazakhstan in 2023

IconPublished 17.05.2024

The review provides brief information on the state of the climate for 2023 (January-December) and the seasons, on climate changes in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its administrative-territorial regions. The data on climatic anomalies of air temperature and precipitation, agro-climatic conditions, and the state of the water surface of large reservoirs in Kazakhstan – the Caspian Sea and the lake are presented. Balkhash, about extreme weather and climatic phenomena.

All estimates given in the Review were obtained using data from hydrometeorological observations at stations and posts of the state observation network of RSE Kazhydromet. To prepare a review of climate change, data from 121 meteorological stations of the Republican Hydrometeorological Fund of RSE Kazhydromet were used (time series of surface air temperature and precipitation for the period from 1941 to 2023, as well as data on adverse weather conditions in 2023).

Time series are given for the average annual and seasonal anomalies of the values under consideration, averaged over the territory of Kazakhstan as a whole and across 17 of its administrative-territorial regions. The borders of the regions of Kazakhstan are shown on the schematic map below.

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