Soil freezing on April 16, 2024

IconPublished 16.04.2024

As of April 16, 2024, soil freezing persists in most of Kostanay, Akmola, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions, as well as in some areas of Karaganda and East Kazakhstan regions.
In the north and in the center of Kostanay region, the depth of freezing is still significant – from 75-84cm to 140-150cm. Thawing of the upper layer is mainly from 18-29cm to 73cm (Kostanay, Nauruzum districts), in the area of Beyimbet Mailin, Sarykol, Auliekolsky, Zhetikarinsky, Zhangeldinsky and Amangeldinsky– the soil has thawed
In the North Kazakhstan region, freezing is uneven - the depth varies from 40 to 112cm. The thawing of the milestone layer is slow and ranges from only 6-12 to 50-58 cm.
Complete thawing of the soil is noted only in the vicinity of the villages of Bulaevo, Saumalkol, Tayynsha, partially in the Zhumabaevsky district. Last week, thawing was noted in Petropavlovsk, in the villages of Talshik, Yavlenka and in the south of Yesilsky

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