Weekly hydrological forecast for the period from 13 to 19 April 2024

IconPublished 13.04.2024

The area of Kazakhstan covered with snow is 7%.
According to the synoptic forecast, on April 13-19, unstable weather conditions remain in most parts of Kazakhstan. Precipitation is forecast in the form of rain; in the northwest, north, east, and in the center of Kazakhstan, rain may turn into snow at night (April 14-15 in the Ulytau region, Aktobe, North Kazakhstan regions, April 14-16 in the Karaganda region, 14 , April 17 in Kostanay region, April 15-16 in Akmola, Pavlodar regions, April 16-19 in East Kazakhstan region). Heavy rain is forecast for April 13-14, 16 in the Turkestan region, April 14-16 in the Almaty and Zhambyl regions, and April 16 in the Zhetisu region.
The cessation of precipitation is expected from April 17 in the west, north-west, south of the country, and from April 19 in the north of the republic.
A gradual increase in air temperature in the west of the country at night to 10-18 degrees Celsius, in the daytime to 23-30 degrees Celsius, in the northwest, north of the country at night to 5-12 degrees Celsius, in the daytime to 18-25 degrees Celsius, in the center, in the east of the republic at night up to 5-10 degrees Celsius, in the daytime up to 15-23 degrees Celsius, in the south at night up to 8-17 degrees Celsius, in the daytime up to 22-30 degrees Celsius, in the south-east of the country at night 5-12 degrees Celsius, during the day a gradual increase to 18-25 degrees Celsius.

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