The thaw persists

IconPublished 29.12.2023

In the final days of the outgoing year, a thaw persists in most of the country. Another cyclone from the Atlantic regions will cause precipitation in the form of sleet and rain, the formation of icy phenomena and increased wind with a blizzard.
The air temperature is predicted at night: in the north, a fluctuation from 5-15 to 0-5 frost, in the center an increase from 5-15 to 0-5 frost, in the south from 3-11 to 0-5 frost, the prevailing temperature in the west is 3 frosts-2 heats, in the east 0-10 frost, in the southeast 2-10, in mountainous areas 12-17 frost, daytime temperatures in the northern half of the republic there will be 5 frosts-2 heats, in the southern half 2-7 heats, in mountainous areas 0-5 frosts.

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