Frosts persist

IconPublished 11.12.2023

The new week started with frosty weather, which will still persist in most regions of Kazakhstan in the coming days, this is due to the influence of the Arctic anticyclone. On December 12-13, with the passage of atmospheric frontal sections, snow will pass in the east, south and southeast of the country, and heavy snow will fall in mountainous areas on December 12. Winds are expected to increase in the south and east of Kazakhstan, and fogs are expected in mountainous areas. On December 12-13, the air temperature at night is predicted: in the northwest and in the center of 25-38 frost, in the north 30-38 frost, in the far north and northwest of the country 40-44 frost, in the east of the republic 20-38 frost, on December 14 32-38, in some areas up to 40-42 frost, in the south and southeast it is expected to drop to 25-30, there are 33-38 frosts in mountainous areas.
From December 14, the Arctic anticyclone will begin to shift in a northeasterly direction and the center of high baric formation will be established over the east of Kazakhstan, in this regard, less cold air will begin to flow to the western half of the republic, with which an increase in air temperature and a decrease in frosts at night is expected in the west to 5-16 frost, in the northwest to 15-35 frost, in the north up to 25-38 frost.

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