Brief agrometeorological review for the 2nd decade of October 2023

IconPublished 26.10.2023

In the second decade of October, moderately warm weather was observed in the predominant territory of the grain-growing zone of Kazakhstan. Precipitation within 1-2 days delayed the completion of harvesting of spring grain crops in certain areas in Aktobe, Pavlodar, Kostanay, Karaganda, Ulytau and East Kazakhstan regions. The observed frosts up to minus 1... 6 ° C (in some places up to minus 8 ° C) at night in most parts of the country were not dangerous for spring grain crops.
In the areas of winter wheat cultivation in the south-east of the republic, moderately warm weather was observed, with soil frosts at night in the mountainous and foothill areas of the south-east up to minus 6 ° C. Such meteorological conditions were favorable for sowing and germination of winter wheat.
On winter wheat crops in the Almaty region (Uzynagash weather station), the "tillering" phase is observed, at the Zhalanash station "shoots", in the vicinity of the Aksengir weather station, "grain germination" is noted, in the Zhambyl region (Kordai agropost), the "shoots" phase was observed.
The condition of thermophilic crops (corn for grain, cotton) is good. Dried apricots are being harvested on cotton crops.
In the Abai, East Kazakhstan and Kostanay regions, the "harvest ripeness" phase is observed in the observed areas, sunflower harvesting continues in some areas, the condition of the crops is noted as good and excellent.
In orchards with fruit crops (apple, pear, raspberry) in the southern regions of the republic, the phase of "autumn leaf flowering" and "leaf fall" mainly continues. The condition of the fruit trees in the observed areas is good.
In the areas of pastoral livestock grazing was carried out everywhere. Harvesting, hauling and stacking of herbs continues in the west and in the center. Animals are being driven in the Suzak district of Turkestan region.
The condition of the grass on the pastures is mostly good, in some satisfactory. Pastures in Irgiz and Kobdinsky districts of Aktobe region, in Moyinkum and Shuisky districts of Zhambyl region, in Shetsky district of Karaganda region are not grazed, they are strongly grazed in Zhambyl district of Almaty region, in Talas district of Zhambyl region and in Akzhaiksky district of West Kazakhstan region. A dry state of sod was noted on a larger area of pasture animal husbandry, raw sod was noted on some pastures of Aktobe, West Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Mangistau regions.

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