Nature is approaching the final period of autumn – pre-winter

IconPublished 20.10.2023

From October 15, as a rule, in meteorological autumn comes under the season called deep autumn, which lasts until October 28. And nature, with a small daily delay, will try just to fit into this climatic channel. With the onset of the weekend in Kazakhstan, noticeable cooling will begin. The North Atlantic cyclone and the Scandinavian anticyclone will form a synoptic situation over the republic, causing precipitation in different phases and limiting daytime warming, only in the south of the country the rains will not have time to turn into snow, with the exception of mountainous regions.
In the north and in the center of the country at night frosts up to 0-5 degrees, in the afternoon the air will warm up to 2-12 degrees, and on Monday there will be 3 frosts-5 heat. And in the west, south and east of the republic, relatively warm weather will still remain.

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