Advisory seasonal weather forecast for Kazakhstan for November 2023 - March 2024

IconPublished 17.10.2023

In November, a frequent change of warm and frosty days is expected, precipitation (rain, snow), gusty winds are predicted during the month. In the northern regions, grass-roots snowstorms are possible on some days, icy phenomena and fogs are not excluded on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In the northern half, in the east and in the center of the republic, winter-like frosty weather is forecast in the second half of the month. With the invasion of cold air masses, the thermometer columns will drop on the coldest days:
in the north of the Republic of Kazakhstan at night up to -20-27 ° C, during the day up to -8-13 ° C;
in the southern half and in the south-west of the country at night up to -3-12 ° C, during the day up to -1+5 ° C.
With the arrival of warm air masses from the regions of Iran and the Mediterranean Sea, the air will warm up:
in the southern half of the republic in the afternoon to +8+17 ° C;
in the northern half to +3+10 ° C.
Thus, the air temperature in most of Kazakhstan is expected to be about and above the norm of 1 °, in the far north of the Republic of Kazakhstan - below the norm by 1 °. Precipitation in most of the country is expected to be about normal, in the central and eastern regions of the country, as well as in the mountainous,
foothill areas of the south and south-east of the republic - more than normal.
Winter 2023-2024 is expected according to the scenario of winter 2001-2002, that is, warm with precipitation of about and more than normal. During the cold period, frequent movements of warm and moist air masses from the Atlantic regions are expected to enter the territory of the republic.
In the coming winter, the temperature background on the territory of Kazakhstan is expected to be mainly above the climatic norm by 1-2 °. Only in December, in most of Kazakhstan, the air temperature is predicted to be within the climatic norm, and in the north and east of the Republic of Kazakhstan it is below the norm by 1 °.
In January and February, precipitation is predicted to be about and more than normal in most of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in December precipitation is expected to be about normal in most of the country, less than normal in the northern half of the republic.
In March, the average monthly air temperature in Kazakhstan is forecast to be above normal by 2 °C. Precipitation is expected to be higher than normal in most of the country.
For reference: The seasonal weather forecast is issued six times a year: 1 forecast for the warm half-year, 1 forecast for the cold half-year, which are specified by 4 quarterly forecasts for winter, spring, summer and autumn in 17 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

 February 15 for spring (March-May);
 March 15 for the warm period (April-October);
 May 15 for summer (June-August);
 August 15 for autumn (September-November);
 October 15 for the cold period (November-March);
 November 15 for winter (December-February).

The seasonal weather forecast is a description of the averaged meteorological parameters for air temperature and precipitation, expressed as a deviation (anomaly) from the climatic norms for the season in question, it should be used as an advisory, which is specified by forecasts for shorter periods (quarterly seasonal forecast, month, decade, week and day).

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