Unstable nature of the weather

IconPublished 20.02.2023

In the coming days, the weather in Kazakhstan will be determined by an active Atlantic cyclone, with large reserves of moisture, which will bring dense clouds with precipitation in the form of rain and snow, icy phenomena, fogs, gusty winds, blizzards in the northern half of the republic. A thunderstorm is expected in the south of Kazakhstan in the afternoon.
In the west of the republic, the air temperature is expected to drop at night from 0-8 to 7-15 frost, in the north-west, north, east of the country an increase from 5-15 to 0-8 frost, in the center a fluctuation from 2-15 frost to 3 frost-3 heat, in the southern half of the republic at night the main background of 3 frost-3 heat.

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