Frosty breath of the Arctic

IconPublished 25.11.2022

Over the weekend, most of the territory of Kazakhstan will be affected by the Northern anticyclone filled with cold Arctic air, with which a sharp drop in air temperature is expected in the northwest, north, center and east of the country and the cessation of precipitation. With the passage of atmospheric fronts on November 26 in the east, November 26-28 in the south and south-east of the republic, unstable weather is expected, precipitation in the form of snow will take place, November 26 in the east, November 26-27 in the south-east - heavy snow. Fog is expected in the republic, wind strengthening of 15-28 m/s in the east, south and southeast, blizzard in the east, ice in the south and southeast.
At night, in the west, a slight decrease in air temperature to 5-15 frost, a sharp decrease in air temperature on November 26-27 in the northwest to 20-30 frost, in the north to 23-36 frost, in the center to 17-34 frost, on November 27-28 in the east to 27-38 frost, on November 27-28, a decrease in air temperature in the south, southeast to 5-15, in mountainous areas areas 15-20 frost.

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