Brief agrometeorological review for the 2nd decade of September 2022

IconPublished 27.09.2022

In the second decade of September, heavy precipitation was still observed in places on the predominant territory of the main grain-growing zone of Kazakhstan, which was not favorable for the completion of the harvesting campaign.
The observed frosts at night in the northern regions, in the west, in the center and in the east of the country up to minus 2-4 ° C (in places up to minus 6 ° C) were not dangerous for the ripened grain of spring crops, but made it difficult to carry out harvesting in the morning.
Everywhere in the observed areas, the phase is marked: "full ripeness", the condition of spring wheat crops is good and satisfactory.
The condition of heat-loving crops (corn for grain, sugar beet, soy, cotton) is excellent and good. Rice harvesting has begun, and cotton crops have been processed in the Makhtaaral district to accelerate maturation with chemical preparations (desiccation).
At the observed sites in the East Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Pavlodar regions, sunflower has a phase: "ripening" and "harvest ripeness". The condition of the sunflower is excellent and good.
In the southern regions of the republic, the phase is observed everywhere on the crops of perennial grasses (alfalfa): "flowering after the 2nd mowing" - "regrowth after the 2nd and 3rd mowing".
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