Advisory weather forecast for the territory of Kazakhstan for August 2022

IconPublished 01.08.2022

August ends the summer season and it will begin with relatively cool weather in the northern regions of the country and unstable weather in most of Kazakhstan. Short-term rains will take place with the passage of atmospheric fronts, heavy rains with thunderstorms, hail, increased wind gusts up to 15-25 m/s are forecast in the east of the country. Fogs are possible in the northern regions at night and in the morning.
At the beginning of the month in the northern half of the country, cool weather will be associated with the influence of the northern cold anticyclone. At night, the thermometer will drop to +7 +15 ° C, in the daytime to +17 +22 ° C. However, at the end of the first decade, with the displacement of the cold anticyclone outside the country, to the northern regions, with the release of the southern cyclone, warm air masses will be carried out, which will lead to an increase in air temperature at night to +18 +23 ° C, during the day to +25 +33 ° C. In the southern and southeastern regions, during the first decade, a gradual increase in the temperature background is expected: at night from +15+20 ° C to +20+25 ° C, during the day from +25+32 ° C to +33+40 ° C.
In the middle of the month, the northern half of the republic will again receive cold air masses, which will cause the unstable nature of the weather. However, the cold will not last long. The air temperature will fluctuate at night from +10+18 ° C to +18+25 ° C, during the day from +17+22 ° C to +25+30 ° C, and in the southern regions the main background air temperature will be +28+38 ° C, but on some days it will not be an exception and the decline of heat.
The last month of summer will end with the prerequisites of autumn. The invasion of cold air masses from the Arctic seas will lead to a significant decrease in the temperature background in most of Kazakhstan. In the northern half of the country at night, the air temperature drops to +2 +12 ° C, in some areas to frost, in the afternoon to +15+20 ° C, in the southern half at night to +10+15 ° C, in the afternoon to +20+27 ° C.

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