The content of benzapyrene in the air on July 20, 2022

IconPublished 28.07.2022

The results of sampling and analysis of atmospheric air samples in Almaty to determine the content of benz (a)pyrene for July 20, 2022 showed concentrations below MPC (MPC average daily in the air of populated areas = 0.001 micrograms/m3).
Sampling was carried out at the following 5 points:
- Amangeldy St., corner of Satpayev St.;
- etc. Rayymbek, corner of Nauryzbai Batyr street;
- mkr. Ainabulak-3;
- mkr. Aksai-3, Marechek St., corner of B.Momyshuly St.;
- mkr. Tastak-1, Tole bi str., 249
The actual concentrations of benz(a)pyrene were 0.0007 micrograms/m3.

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