Weather forecast for Kazakhstan for June 11-13, 2022

IconPublished 10.06.2022

Unstable weather conditions are expected

Due to the combination of north-western and South cyclones, almost the entire territory of the Republic remains unstable weather. Rain is expected, on June 11-12, thunderstorms are expected in the mountainous regions of the south and south-east of the Republic, winds are expected to increase, and hail is possible. In the south-west, a dust storm is expected in the South.

In the West and north-west of the Republic, the air temperature will drop from 22-30 to 17-26 in the afternoon, in the south-west it will warm up to 25-35, in the north it will fluctuate from 20-28 to 25-30, in the East it will drop from 28-37 to 24-33, in the center it will rise from 22-30 to 27-32, in the south it is predicted 35 heat, and in the southern regions from 25-35 to 20-30 "I'm sorry," I said.

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