Kazhydromet has released a preliminary forecast of winter wheat yield for 2022

IconPublished 27.05.2022

This year, favorable meteorological conditions have developed for the growth and development of winter wheat. According to the calculated data, in most of the southern regions of Kazakhstan, the yield of winter wheat is predicted to be about multi-year values. The average yield in the Almaty region will be 19 c/ha, in the Turkestan region 17.5 c/ha, in the Zhambyl region 15.7 c/ha,
It should be noted that the forecast for the Turkestan region is being developed for the first time. This year, a new forecasting methodology is being adapted at Kazhydromet.
The yield forecast for the districts of the southern regions is available in the application for the farmer "AgroData" (https://agrodata.kz/#/forecasts/drought-productivity ).

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