Final hydrological forecast for the flood period of 2022

IconPublished 15.04.2022

According to the images of remote sensing (remote sensing of the Earth) of NASA satellites processed by Kazhydromet, the area of snow covering the territory of Kazakhstan is 3%. Snow cover is mainly preserved in ravines, wooded and mountainous areas of East Kazakhstan region, Almaty, Zhambyl and Turkestan regions.
According to the weekly synoptic forecast for April 16-22, 2022, with the passage of atmospheric fronts, rain is expected in the west at the end of the period, rain is forecast in the northwest, north, south, east, in the center of the country, at the end of the period, rain may turn into snow.
Heavy rain is expected on April 20-22 in the south of Turkestan, Zhambyl, Almaty regions, in mountainous and foothill areas – rain with a transition to snow. On April 21-22, heavy precipitation (rain, snow) is forecast in the East Kazakhstan region, in connection with which, in the foothill areas of the south, south-east and east of the republic, the formation of slope runoff is expected.
The flood peaks were passed in the Karaganda, Kostanay and Aktobe regions. In the West Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions, the further water content of the Ural River will be determined by the modes of operation of reservoirs located on the territory of Russia.
On the rivers of the Akmola region, the peaks of the spring flood have been passed, further fluctuations in the levels of the Nura and Yesil rivers are expected due to waves reaching from the upper reaches of the rivers.
The further water content of the Ertis River in the Pavlodar region will be determined by the operating modes of the Upper Ertis cascade of reservoirs (Bukhtarma and Shchulba reservoirs).
In the North Kazakhstan region, the 1st stage of the flood has passed. On the rivers Akkanburlyk, Babykburlyk, Imanburlyk of the tributaries of the Yesil River and the Sergeyevskoye vdhr. there is a decline in water levels. Taking into account the runoff volumes of the Yesil, Kalkutan, Zhabai and Terisakkan rivers (Akmola region), the passage of the 2nd stage of the flood in the North Kazakhstan region will continue until the beginning of May.
On the mountain rivers of East Kazakhstan, Turkestan, Zhambyl and Almaty regions, flood runoff formed on the territory of the country depends on heavy precipitation.
On the transboundary rivers Syrdarya, Shu, Talas, Ile, Ertis, Zhaiyk, Kigach, etc., further water availability will be determined by the modes of operation of reservoirs located on the territory of Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.

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