Weekly hydrological forecast for the period from March 26 to April 1, 2022

IconPublished 26.03.2022

The area of the territory of Kazakhstan covered with snow, calculated by RSE "Kazhydromet" according to NASA satellite images, for the period from March 17 to March 24, 2022, decreased from 61% to 60%.
Based on the weekly synoptic forecast for March 26 to April 1, 2022, a cyclone from the Scandinavian regions and a Southern cyclone will cause unstable weather throughout the country, precipitation (rain, snow), blizzard, gusty winds up to 23-28 m/s, fog and ice are expected. On March 26 and 29 in the south and in the mountainous, foothill areas of Turkestan region, on March 26-27, 29 in the northeast, south, in the mountainous and foothill areas of Zhambyl region, on March 27 and 29 in the south and in the mountainous areas of Almaty region, heavy precipitation in the form of rain and snow is predicted, in connection with which, in the foothill areas of the above regions, the formation of slope runoff is expected. In the East Kazakhstan region on March 28 and 30 - heavy snow, on March 29 - heavy precipitation (rain, snow), on March 29 in the Akmola region - heavy precipitation, mainly in the form of snow.
In the West Kazakhstan region, on March 27-28 in the south of the region, on March 30 in the western half of the region, an air temperature of 3 heats is expected at night, the main background of daytime temperatures will be 2-7 heats.
From March 30 in Aktobe, Kostanay, Akmola, North Kazakhstan regions, from March 31 in Pavlodar region, daytime temperatures will reach positive values of 2-5 degrees Celsius.
In the Karaganda region on March 28-29, April 01, in the south of the region, the air temperature is predicted to be 3 heats at night, in the afternoon at the beginning of the period 3 frosts-2 heats, in the south of the region 7 heats, in the middle of the period a slight decrease to 0-5 frost, in the southeast 3 heats, at the end of the period the temperature rises again to 0-5 heats, in the south of the region up to 8-13 degrees celsius (Appendix 3).
In this connection, intense snowmelt and weakening of ice phenomena on rivers are expected in the above regions.
The volume of accumulated moisture reserves in the basins of the lowland rivers of Kazakhstan was as follows:
- in Karaganda, Akmola, Aktobe and West Kazakhstan, Kostanay regions decreased on average from 12% to 45%;
According to long-term observations at weather stations in March and April, a monthly precipitation rate may fall per day, which can lead to the occurrence of dangerous natural hydrometeorological phenomena.

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