Heavy precipitation persists

IconPublished 23.03.2022

The cyclone is shifting from the regions of Novaya Zemlya to the northern regions of the republic, precipitation (rain, snow) is expected with it, the North-western anticyclone retains its influence on the western, south-western regions of Kazakhstan, with which the weather is still clear without precipitation. On March 25-26, the weather of the southern half of Kazakhstan will be determined by the South Caspian cyclone and the associated atmospheric frontal sections with which precipitation will take place, heavy precipitation (rain, snow) in the south-west of the republic. Fog, ice, wind strengthening are expected in the republic, in the north, east, in the center of the country with a blizzard. Night air temperatures in the northern half of the republic are 2...15 frost, in the southern half the air temperature is expected to rise from 3...11 frost to 0...8 heat, in the afternoon the thermometer columns will reach 0...9 degrees frost in the north of the republic, 7...17 heat in the south of the country.

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