Snow is expected with a grass-roots blizzard

IconPublished 21.03.2022

With the passage of atmospheric frontal sections, unstable weather is expected in most of the territory of Kazakhstan, snow with a low-level blizzard is expected in the northern and eastern regions, precipitation is expected in the south of the republic, sometimes heavy precipitation (rain, snow), and on March 23-24, the western regions of the republic will be under the influence of a Northwestern anticyclone, due to this means that the weather is expected to be mostly without precipitation. Fogs and wind strengthening will be observed throughout the republic. In the east, north and center of the country, night temperatures will range from 5-13 to 10-18 frost, during the day the thermometer columns will not exceed 0-8 degrees Celsius, in the southern half of the republic the air temperature at night is 0-8 frost, in the afternoon 2-10 heat.

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