Preliminary flood forecast

IconPublished 02.02.2022

We bring to your attention a certificate-consultation on the accumulation of moisture reserves in the river basins of Kazakhstan as of February 01, 2022.
The volumes of accumulated moisture reserves in the snow cover in the north and center of the republic give reason to be ready for high water and the absence of snow cover in the south and southwest for low water. However, winter continues and, accordingly, the period of snow accumulation continues (according to long-term observations, a monthly precipitation rate may fall in the pre-spring period per day).
On the territory of Akmola, Karaganda and Kostanay regions, an ice crust is observed in the snow cover above the surface of the soil layer, which, with a sharp increase in the temperature background and heavy rains, can lead to the occurrence of talo-rain floods.
The water reserves in the snow cover in the basins of the lowland rivers of Kazakhstan are characterized by great unevenness: in the Karaganda region below the average long-term values by 33-51%; in the Akmola region above the average long-term values by 25%; in the North Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions within the average long-term values; in the Kostanay region in the basins of the Tobol, Ayat and Toguzak rivers below the average long-term values by 30-44%.
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