Kazhydromet scientists were highly appreciated by the Mudflow Association - Fleishman Medal

IconPublished 24.01.2022

As previously reported, the Research Center of RSE "Kazhydromet" has organized a Department for the study of mudflow processes and the forecast of mudflows, which in the mudflow-prone period (from May to September), will make consultations, ultra-short-term forecasts, storm warnings about mudflows formed as a result of heavy rains and prolonged rains. All information will be available on the website of RSE "Kazhydromet", provided to government agencies, the media and posted on social networks.
The main members of the new Mudflow Research Department are honored and experienced specialists in this field: Doctor of Technical Sciences Rosa Kayumovna Yafyazova, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Boris Sergeyevich Stepanov, as well as young specialists. The merits of experienced specialists were marked by the highest assessment of seleved scientists – the Fleishman Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of selevedenie. Also, the veteran of the hydrological service, Candidate of Sciences Vsevolod Viktorovich Golubtsov, was awarded this prize.
The creation of a management of specialists of this level will allow Kazhydromet RSE to raise the work on forecasting mudflows to a high professional level and will allow the population to be warned as accurately as possible about such a dangerous phenomenon as mudslides.

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