Rains and a decrease in temperature

IconPublished 15.09.2021

From Thursday, with the passage of atmospheric frontal systems associated with the cyclone's hollow from the districts of Yekaterinburg, in the north, north-west and east of the country, and from September 17 in the center of the republic, rains will pass. In the rest of Kazakhstan, against the background of high atmospheric pressure, the weather is forecast without precipitation.
Lowering the air temperature: in the west at night from 3-11 to 1-9 heat, in the afternoon from 15-23 to 10-18 heat, in the northwest at night from 7-12 to 2-7 heat, on September 18 in the north frosts 3 degrees, in the afternoon from 17-25 to 10-17 heat, in the north at night from 8-13 to 2-10 heat, in the afternoon from 20-25 to 10-18 heat, in the center and east of the region the main background is 5-15 heat at night, in the afternoon a decrease from 20-28 to 15-25 heat, in the south and southeast the air temperature is the main background at night 15-20, in the afternoon 28-35th heat.

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