Heat decline in the northern half of Kazakhstan

IconPublished 26.07.2021

At the beginning of the week, an anticyclone from the districts of Moscow will affect most of the country's territory. In this connection, cool air masses will bring a decrease in heat, mainly weather without precipitation is expected. The nights will become cooler, and the daytime temperature will be quite comfortable. Then the weather on the territory of the republic will be determined by the field of low pressure. It will bring: on July 28 to the west and east, on July 28-29 to the north, northwest and the southern half of Kazakhstan, and on July 29 to the center of short-term rains with thunderstorms, gusty winds, and hail is also predicted.
The decrease in air temperature in the north-west and north of the country will reach 8-16 at night, and 17-30 in the afternoon. In the center and in the east, it is warm at night up to 8-18, in the afternoon up to 22-30.

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