About the Department of environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring of the Republic of Kazakhstan includes:

1) monitoring of atmospheric air quality in 70 localities at 170 observation posts and 15 mobile laboratories;

2) monitoring of surface water quality at 372 sites located on 134 water bodies;

3) monitoring the quality of precipitation at 46 weather stations and snow cover at 39 weather stations;

4) determination of the radiation gamma background at 89 weather stations and 3 automatic posts, as well as determination of beta activity at 43 weather stations;

5) determination of soil quality at 101 observation points.

6) analysis in 16 chemical and analytical laboratories.


In order to further develop monitoring, as well as expand the online access of the population to environmental information, RSE "Kazhydromet" is carrying out work on compaction of the observation network (acquisition of new stations, modernization of existing stations, etc.) for the quality of atmospheric air in the cities of the country. Manual posts in Almaty, Ridder, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Semey were automated.

Collection, processing, analysis and preparation of information from the entire above-mentioned network for state bodies and the public is carried out by the Department of environmental monitoring of RSE "Kazhydromet".
Part of the environmental monitoring Department consists of 3 controls:
1. Management of environmental monitoring;
2. Control of methodical support of ecological network;
3. Management of the analysis data of surface waters.
The environmental monitoring Department collects, processes and analyzes data on the state of atmospheric air, precipitation, snow cover, soil, and radiation conditions, and provides the AirKZ mobile app and an interactive map on atmospheric air quality.
The Department of surface water data analysis collects, processes, and analyzes data on the state of surface water quality in the Republic of Kazakhstan, participates in meetings and prepares information on the water quality of transboundary rivers for international information exchange, and provides an interactive map on surface water quality.
Control of methodical support of ecological network is working on methodological support of chemical analytical laboratories of RSE "Kazhydromet", the coordination of accreditation procedures, forms of scientific-methodical base of ecological network.