Forecast of major weather events

Forecast of the synoptic situation and the most important weather phenomena
on the territory of Kazakhstan for August 19, 2022

In most parts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, due to the extensive North-Western anticyclone, the weather will remain mostly without precipitation. With frontal activity in the west, north, east of the country there will be rains with thunderstorms, in mountainous areas in the east of the country precipitation (rain, sleet). In some places, the wind is expected to increase in the republic, in the north, northwest, in the center, in the east of the country fog is expected at night, in the north, east, in the center of the republic at night frosts of up to 2 degrees are expected on the soil surface.

In the afternoon, a strong heat wave is expected in most parts of Mangystau, in the east of Atyrau regions.
In Kyzylorda, in the south, in the east of Turkestan, in the east of Atyrau, in the south of West Kazakhstan, Mangistau, Zhetysu, in the east of Almaty, in the south of Zhambyl, in Beskaragai district of Abai region, an extreme fire danger remains.