Weekly review of the Caspian sea surface condition

Forecast* of the Caspian Sea water level for 16-21 March, 2023


Middle Caspian: average sea level is expected to be around minus 28,92m, with fluctuations from minus 28,60m to 29,43m.

* Calculations are received at use of the hydrodynamic module MIKE 21of the Danish Hydraulic Institutes adapted to conditions of the Caspian Sea in the RSE "Kazhydromet".

Caspian Sea Water Surface, 09-15 March,  2023

In the northern part of the Caspian Sea, according to operational data from sea stations and posts (Peshnoy, Zhanbay, Kulaly Island), the average sea level corresponded to minus 28,66m.

According to operational data from sea stations and posts (Fort-Shevchenko, Aktau, Fetisovo and Makhachkala (Roshydromet)), the average value of the Caspian Sea level corresponded to minus 28,88 m, maximum minus 28,70m, minimum minus 29,38m.          

Space image of the Caspian Sea. 2023, March, 16 «Project at NASA»