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The climate is a strategic natural resource, like any mineral and other resources. The climate participates in the formation of landscapes, determines water resources and affects the direction of development of agriculture and other economy sectors. Knowledge of the spatial and temporal features of the current climate of the region, the nature of its changes in the present and the future allows making maximum use of its favorable factors and minimizing its negative impact, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the economy and security.

At present, there is a growing need to provide scientifically reasonable analytical hydrometeorological information to state structures, economic sectors and to population, which is the result of the final stage of hydrometeorological monitoring.

Climate monitoring in Kazakhstan is aimed at providing economy and social sectors, population, the scientific environment with information on the current state and climate trends in various regions of the republic, which facilitates the adoption of a preventive adaptation policy to changing climate conditions. The final stage of the monitoring is the assessment of climatic resources, assessment of vulnerability and risks of various regions and sectors of the economy to dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena, publication of yearbooks, reference books and other similar documents.


Division of Climatology

Zhapbasbayeva Altynay - Head of the Division of climatology

тел.       +7 (717) 279 83 02



The Division of Climatology is a production unit of the Meteorology Department of RSE "Kazhydromet", which carries out work on climate monitoring.


The main activities are:


The main directions of the Division of Climatology are:

1.Climate database management. Forms databases for many years of observations and replenishes current information. Archives meteorological databases. Provides backup storage of information on technical media.

2.Recording, studying and ensuring the implementation of the recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization with a view to meeting the international obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on climatology issues.

3.Conducts climatological processing of meteorological information. Prepares data for the publication of Kazakhstan climate handbooks.

4. Provides various meteorological and climatic information for structural subdivisions of the RSE, public authorities and various economy sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Specialized climate calculations in coordination with the customer (construction, agriculture, fuel and energy complex, railway, etc.).




Climate Study Direction

Svetlana Dolgikh, Ph.D.

phone:   +7 (727) 267 52 17



Climate Study Direction is a scientific production unit of the Scientific Research Center of the National Hydrometeorological service "Kazhydromet", performing work on climate research, improving methods of monitoring and forecasting the climate.


The main activities are:

  • Improving climate monitoring in Kazakhstan, assessing the past and current climate in the territorial of Kazakhstan;
  • Forecast of fluctuations and future climate changes in Kazakhstan based on regional and global climate models to provide consumers with information on expected climatic conditions;
  • Applied climate research are mainly studies of the impact of climate change on river flows;
  • Assessment of the vulnerability of ecosystems, the economy, population, state institutions and infrastructures of the state to climate change and the existing opportunities for adaptation to them;
  • The use of satellite information for: assessment of the dates of establishment and descent of the snow cover, wetting conditions during the vegetation period, monitoring of hydrological objects;
  • Performing scientific research works;
  • Participation in international projects.