RSE “Kazhydromet”
Добавлено: 26 February 2019 12:41, Изменено: 26 February 2019 16:31

In the second decade of February, in the south and southeast of the republic, in the areas where winter crops were cultivated, the background temperature was above the norm by 1 ... 6 ° C and precipitation fell above the norm everywhere.

Frequent thaws of up to 6 days when alternating with nightly negative air temperatures (12–25 ° C) in the south-east of the country can cause damage to poorly developed plants on winter wheat crops. In the observed area around AMP Ekpendy of the Turkestan region, there is a resumption of vegetation of winter wheat, the development phase: seedlings, good condition.

The minimum surface temperature at the tillering site of winter wheat in the south and south-east of the country ranged from 0 ° C to minus 4 °C. In the West Kazakhstan region there was a steady snow cover (15-58 cm), which favorably affects the winter hardiness of winter crops.

In the predominant areas of pasture livestock, the weather was warmer than usual (temperatures above average multi-year values), precipitation occurred almost everywhere, there was no precipitation in the East Kazakhstan region (MS Kaynar). The animals are kept in a stall housing in the Shetsky district of the Karaganda region, the Aitekebi district of the Aktobe region, the Zhanibek district of the West Kazakhstan region and the Arkalyk district of the Kostanay region, and other observation points were grazing animals.

Fodder transportation to the wintering grounds of animals continues in the Mangistau district of the Mangystau region, continue to feed the breeding stock and young animals in the Mangystau and Beineu districts of the Mangystau region, in the Kyzylkoginsky district of the Atyrau region and in the Karatal district of the Almaty region.

In the west of the country, thawing was observed at the observation points of pasture livestock for 3 days and frost was observed for 2-6 days, thaws in the southeast were 2-9 days and frost 2-7 days, in the southwest 3-8 days thaw and 1- 7 days of frost and in the south of thaw and frost up to 3 days.

Strong drifting snow and snowstorm were observed on pastures around MS of Ganyushkino of Atyrau, Aktyubinsk (MS Ayakkum, Nura), Kostanay (MC Expendy) and Kyzylorda (MS Zlich) regions for 1-2 days.

The ice crust is weak, easily destroyed by the hooves of small animals, lies in places on pastures near the MC of Karabau of the Atyrau region and in the vicinity of the MS. places on pastures around MS Inderborsky of the Atyrau region and everywhere in the vicinity of MS Taypak West Kazakhstan region.
Herbage condition is generally satisfactory, grazing of pastures is moderate. According to February 20th , frozen sod was observed everywhere in the pasture livestock area.