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Добавлено: 17 January 2018 18:27, Изменено: 22 January 2018 10:18

      In the first decade of January in the south and south-east of the republic in the areas of cultivation of winter wheat, the temperature background was generally lower than the norm by 1-6°C, somewherein the South Kazakhstan oblast noted above at 1-4°C, as well as precipitation below the norm.

      The lack of snow coversin the fields in Zhambyl and somewhere in the South Kazakhstan oblast may affect the wintering of winter wheat in severe frosts. The height of the snow covers in areas of winter wheat cultivation in the Almaty oblast reached up to 2-9 cm, in some places up to 23 cm, due to this in these regions wintering of winter crops takes place without complications.

      The minimum soil temperature at the depth (3 cm) of the bedding site of the tillering node of winter wheat was in the Almaty oblast from minus 4°C to minus 6°C, in the Zhambyloblast it ranged from 0°C to minus 3°C and in the South Kazakhstan oblast from plus 1°С to minus 4°С.

      In the first decade of January, the weather was warmer than usual in the prevailing pasture livestock sector, rainfall of different intensity took place in the predominant part of pasture livestock territories, there were no precipitation in Almaty and Zhambyl oblasts and in the Suzakdistrict of the South Kazakhstan oblast.

      In the first ten days of January, the animals were on stalling in the Zhanibek district of the West Kazakhstan oblast, in the Aitekebidistrict of the Aktyubinsk oblast, in the Shetsky district of the Karaganda oblast and in the Arkalyk district of the Kostanayoblast.

      The rest of the territory was used to graze animals on winter pastures.

      Complicated grazing conditions for 3 days due to glacial phenomena were observed in the Mangistaudistrict of the Mangistauoblast.

      The transportation of fodder to the wintering bases of animals and feeding of the breeding stock and young animals in the Mangistauoblast of the Mangistauoblast continues, as well as the feeding of animals in the Karatal district of the Almaty oblast.

      A weak ice crust that easily destroys the hoofs of small animals, in some places continues to be observed in pastures in the nearby of the city Atyrau, Atyrauoblast.

      The ice crust is powerful, not destroying the hoofs of small animals lying in places in the Akzhaydistrict of the West Kazakhstan oblast.

      The condition of the grasses is basically satisfactory, the poor one was assessed by the grass stand in Zhambyl and Karatal districts of Almaty oblast, in Zhanibek and Akzhayk districts of West Kazakhstan oblast and in Irgizdistrict of Aktobeoblast.

      The severity of pastures is moderate, the severity of pastures continues to be observed in the Aktogay district of the Karaganda oblast, in the Akzhaykdistrict of the West Kazakhstan oblast and in the Zhambyl and Karatal districts of the Almaty oblast.

      The state of the turf is frozen, the dry state was noted in the Karakiyansky district of the Mangistauoblast (MSAkkuduk).