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Добавлено: 13 March 2017 15:15, Изменено: 12 June 2017 12:26

The brief agrometeorological review for the third  ten-day period of May 2017


        In areas of cultivation of winter wheat in the South and the south-east of the country there were favorable conditions for growth and development of plants. On observed sites winter wheat was in a phase: appearance lower stalk node - blooming, in the Southern Kazakhstan oblast in a phase: a wheat germination – lactic ripeness. The condition of the plants is mostly excellent and good.

        In the third decade of May, all grain-bearing areas of the northern half of the republic continued to sow spring crops. Conditions for growth and development of grain crops were favorable. Rainfall has passed everywhere, plentiful in the north of the country that promoted improvement of atmospheric and soil moistening, but constrained completion of sowing works a little.

        In the Aktyubinsk and West Kazakhstan oblasts on crops of spring-sown field the phase is observed: grain germination – the 3-rd leaf, places a tillering. Plant condition is good and satisfactory.

        In the northern regions, in the east and in the center of the country, the sowing of spring crops continues after the preliminary treatment of the soil and seed dressing. On the observed sites, where grain crops were sown at regular intervals, there is a phase: the germination of grain - the 3-rd leaf. 

       In the southern regions of the republic, favorable meteorological conditions were observed, for the growth and development of spring grain crops. On the crops of spring wheat there is a phase: grain germination – steblevanie. The condition of plants is everywhere good. In the Kerbulak distrikt of Almaty oblast, sowing of spring wheat continues. The condition of spring barley is good and excellent. Development phase: grain germination – a steblevanie, on early crops – earing.

      Crops of heat-loving crops in the southern areas come to the end. Have started inter row processing of sugar beet, corn and introduction of nitrogen fertilizers, also descent by places to a water blousing in rice checks, rice crops come to the end.

      In the Almaty, North Kazakhstan, Kostanay, East Kazakhstan and Karaganda oblasts landing of potatoes continues, on some sites there were first shoots, have started to cultivation and a boronovaniya.

      On observed sites in the neighborhood of MS Buldurt and Chingirlau's of the West Kazakhstan oblast a condition of a safflower good, a development phase: emergence of the 2-nd couple of leaves.

      In the South and the south-east of the republic at fruit crops the phase is noted: the end blossoming – formation of fruits, at raspberry - blossoming. Have started processing by toxic chemicals in the neighborhood of MS Esik and to vegetative watering of apple orchards around MS Sarkand in Almaty oblast. At the beginning of a decade, have also started vegetative watering of an apple-tree in gardens around MS of Saudakent of the Jambyl oblast.

     On observed sites in the South and the southeast of the country the condition of herbs of a alfalfa is universal good, have started the 1-st hay crop. Development phase: emergence of inflorescences – blossoming, the feeding waterings carry out. Condition of herbs of a sainfoin and clover, also good. Development phase: emergence of inflorescences.

    On observed sites in the Kostanay and Karaganda oblasts a condition of herbs of good. Phase development: the appearance of the lower stem node of the straw - earing. In the Pavlodar oblast on observed sites a condition of herbs a satisfactory, bad in the neighborhood of AMP Andrianovka, MS of Lozovaya. Phase development: the appearance of the lower stem node of the straw - earing. Throughout the region, damage to grasses of livestock is noted by livestock.

     In the third decade of May in the prevailing territory of pasturable livestock production weather more warmly usual was noted, rains of different intensity, places with thunder-storms and strong wind have expected to fall.

     Grazing was carried out at all points of grazing livestock. The shearing and prophylactic bathing of sheep continues as well as veterinary measures in animal husbandry.

     Herbage is in the best state on pastures and haymakings in Irgizsky district of the Aktyubinsk oblast, in Ualikhanovsky district of the North Kazakhstan oblast, in Shetsky district of the Karaganda oblast, in Enbekshikazakhsky and Balkhash districts of Almaty oblast and in Suzaksky district of the Southern Kazakhstan oblast, in other territory satisfactory and good shape of herbage was observed.

     Pastures are pitted slightly or not touched by the cattle in Irgizsky district of the Aktyubinsk oblast, in Shetsky district of the Karaganda oblast and in Enbekshikazakhsky district of Almaty oblast at all, in other territory herbage is pitted moderately.

     In the expired decade in the prevailing territory of pasturable livestock production the dry condition of a sod was observed, the sod was damp after the precipitation in the Irgiz district of the Aktyubinsk oblast and in the Zhambyl district of the Almaty oblast.

     During the 3-rd decade of May in the Jambyl and Almaty oblasts there were optimum reserves of productive moisture in the soil. In the Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan oblasts of a condition of moistening of the soil satisfactory were estimated as insufficient, in other territory.