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Добавлено: 26 September 2017 16:57, Изменено: 15 February 2018 10:39

In the second decade on the South and South-East republics in the areas of winterwheat cultures, the temperature background was low, and the precipitation fell below the norm.

Passed intensive thaws in the south and south-east of the country within 8 days can affect the winter hardiness of poorly developed winter wheat crops (phase: shoots - the 3-rd leaf).

The minimum soil temperature at the depth (3 cm) of the bedding site of the tillering node of winter wheat was in the Almaty oblast from minus 2°C to minus 7°C, in the Zhambyloblast plus 1°C and in the South Kazakhstan oblast from plus 1°C to minus 2°C.

On the prevailing territory of grazing livestock, the weather was colder than usual, somewhere the precipitation fell.

In the first decade of December, grazing animals was carried out in the main grazing land. At the end of the past decade, animals went to the stabling area in the Aitekebi district of the Aktyubinsk oblast, in the Zhanibek district of the West Kazakhstan oblast and in the Arkalyk district of the Kostanayoblast.

They began to feed the breeding stock and young animals in the Karatal district of the Almaty oblast and in the Mangistau district of the Mangistauoblast.

At the points of observation of grazing livestock, a generally satisfactory condition of the grassland was noted, the poor condition of the grass stand was observed in the Akzhaik and Zhanibek districts of the West Kazakhstan oblast, in the Irgiz district of the Aktobeoblast and in the Karatal district of the Almaty oblast.

Pastures are mostly moderately planted, heavily planted in Zhambyl and Karatal districts of Almaty oblast, Zhanibek and Akzhayksky districts of the West Kazakhstan oblast.

The state of the turf is predominantly frozen,the dry state of the turf was observed in the Moynkumsky district of the Zhambyloblast.