RSE “Kazhydromet”
Добавлено: 15 September 2017 11:05, Изменено: 17 October 2017 10:35

      In the first decade of September, throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, the weather was moderately warm with short-term precipitation. Past rainfall affected the course of harvesting. Completed the harvesting of grain crops in the southern regions of the country, except for the foothills of the Almaty oblast. The phase is everywhere marked: waxy - full ripeness. In the west of the country, harvesting of grain crops is being completed, yields are higher than the mean annual values. On the observed sites, the state of spring cereal crops is generally assessed as excellent and good, in the around of the MS Fedorovskaya of the Pavlodar oblast and the AMP Nuratalda,  Akjol of the Karaganda oblast is poor.

      On the observed sites in the North Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda and Almaty oblasts the potato plantation phase is marked: the wilting of the foliage, everywhere have begun to harvest, around MS Shelek Almaty oblast started harvesting sunflower.

       In the south and south-east of the country, the state of heat-loving crops is good, vegetative watering of corn continues, and water is drained from rice checks. In the Shieli district of the Kyzylorda oblast, rice harvesting began. In South Kazakhstan oblast, desiccation is carried out on the observed sites in the around of MS Zhetysai, that is pre-harvest drying of plants with chemical preparations to accelerate the ripening of cotton.

       The state of apple trees in the gardens around the MS Kamenskoye plato of Almaty and the MS Saudakent of the Zhambyl oblasts is very poor, in other areas it is good and satisfactory. In the gardens around MS the Kamenskoye plato continues harvesting apples.

      On the observed sites in the southern regions, the state of herb alfalfa is everywhere good, in some places they began the third cut of grasses.

      In the first decade of September, the weather was warmer than usual at the points of observation of grazing livestock, precipitation fell in the north, east, in the center, in some areas of the west and southeast.

      Grazing animals was carried out throughout the pasture livestock.

      Autumn sheep shearing continues in Beineu district of Mangistau oblast, in the beginning of the decade began wool cut in the Suzak district of the South Kazakhstan oblast, in the middle of the decade in the Balkhash district of the Almaty oblast and in the Mangistau district of the Mangistau oblast.

      On the seventh day of the decade began the transfer of animals to autumn pastures in Enbekshikazakh district of Almaty oblast (high mountains of MS Assy).

       On the prevailing territory of grazing livestock, a good and satisfactory condition of the grass stand was observed. A very good condition of the grass was observed in pastures and hayfields in the Almaty oblast (MS №Aul 4).

      Pastures were weakly and moderately dislodged, the grassland is moderately strained, and the pastures are insignificantly neglected or completely untouched by livestock in the Irgizsky district of the Aktyubinsk oblast and in the Shetsky district of the Karaganda oblast.